Remote Area Boards (RABs) undertake development activities in remote regions of Queensland. RABs bring together key economic development stakeholders to provide a single voice on strategic issues. They act as a community forum to decide on economic priorities.

The funding is used to fill the gaps – usually either at the broad level such as long-term economic development plans, or at the very specific level where a capability gap exists (such as working with Indigenous communities to identify business opportunities for further development).

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2018-21 funding

Funding of $2.25 million (GST exclusive) over three years was announced on 29 August 2018. Each RAB will have access to an initial $150,000 for approved projects. Information about accessing further funding will be available after a program review.

2016-18 funding

Between July 2016 and June 2018, the department provided $1 million (GST exclusive) to support delivery of economic development projects, services and activities in remote regional communities.

The five RABS supported by this funding were: