To date, the AQIAF program has supported 14 projects that will generate over 1090 new direct jobs and more than $360 million in private investment over the next five years.


Oji Fibre Solutions - Established a state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing paper product and packaging facility along with two regional logistics centres, providing new innovative products and reduced costs for Queensland’s agriculture industry.

Brewdog - Constructing its first Australian craft brewery, which is a catalyst for the development of a Queensland Craft Brewing Strategy, aiming to maximise broader benefits to the state’s young, dynamic and fast-growing industry.


Southern Oil - Operating from its Northern Oil Advanced Biofuel Pilot Plant in Gladstone with the support of the Queensland Government. The company is expanding into hydrogen fuel research, increasing the profile of Queensland as an investment destination for the biofutures industry.


Qantas - has four Boeing 787 Dreamliners based in Brisbane, providing next-generation flight for over 400,000 passengers a year and further demonstrating that the 'Q' in Qantas stands for Queensland.

Ansett Aviation Training - Established its Brisbane Simulator Training centre that will have the capacity to train 2000 pilots annually, delivering significant economic benefits to Queensland’s tourism and hospitality industries.

Boeing - Delivering the largest autonomous systems development program outside the United States. This project complements the Queensland Drones Strategy, helping achieve the vision of Queensland as a world leader in drone technology.


Neogen Australasia - Established Australia’s largest advanced commercial livestock genomic testing laboratory in Gatton. The laboratory provides genetic analysis services for beef, dairy and sheep producers, boosting the productivity of Queensland agribusiness.

Australian Biotherapeutics - Constructing a new biotherapeutics manufacturing facility, Australian Biotherapeutics will manufacture a range of high-quality, medical-grade live biotherapeutics for global export and raise brand awareness of Queensland’s product development and manufacturing expertise.


Redback Technologies - Established a new research and development centre developing high-technology, low-cost energy efficiency solutions, allowing Queenslanders to better capture and store the Sunshine State’s abundant solar energy.

Softbank - Established the company's first Australian headquarters, providing new investment opportunities for a range of industries and partnering with the Queensland Government and Queensland University of Technology in advancing robotics technology.