EDQ has streamlined the operational works process to promote the more efficient delivery of land development within a Priority Development Area (PDA).

The Certification Procedures Manual (CPM) (PDF icon 582 KB) sets out certain performance-based processes for the design, construction and delivery of infrastructure requiring assessment under a condition of a PDA development approval.

The process outlined in the manual does not determine the standards to be met by development as the PDA development conditions will set out these standards.

You will need to read and apply the processes in the manual if your approval calls up EDQ’s certification process (effective 16 October 2017).

Benefits of the certification process:

  • innovation and improved outcomes
  • reduction in approval timeframes
  • earlier commencement of construction
  • potential reduction in holding costs.

Forms and documents

Download Certification Procedures Manual (CPM) (PDF icon 582 KB)

Note: The PDF version of the Certification Procedures Manual above does not include the forms and documents referred to in schedules 1,2,3 and 4. These documents can be accessed via the links below.

Schedule 1

Schedule 2

Schedule 3

Schedule 4