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Resumption notice

If the Governor in Council approves the compulsory land acquisition, a resumption notice is published in the Queensland Government Gazette (a copy of the notice is sent to all interested parties).

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On the date the notice is published, the Coordinator-General becomes the owner of the land (or easement).

Anyone else's interest in the land converts to a right to claim compensation.

All other interests (e.g. leases, easements, and mortgages) are discharged.

Vacating the land

At any time following the publication of the resumption notice, the Coordinator-General can take possession of the property acquired.

If the Coordinator-General does not require the land immediately, the date of vacant possession of the property can be negotiated.

If an easement is resumed, the Coordinator-General may begin using the easement from the date of the notice. The Coordinator-General does not need vacant possession of an easement.


Once the land has been resumed, the Coordinator-General has the right to access the land (or easement) to construct any proposed infrastructure.

Construction can proceed before compensation is paid.

Last updated: Monday, Sep 12, 2016