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Projects discontinued or on hold

The following table lists those 'coordinated projects' for which the environmental impact statement (EIS) process has been discontinued or is on hold.

(Prior to 21 December 2012, these projects were called 'significant projects'.)

Status descriptions

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EIS process

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Project name Location Status Date of decision/outcome
Astral Calcining Plant Gladstone Repealed 19 February 2013
Aurukun Bauxite Mine & Port Development Aurukun - 35 km north Lapsed 25 February 2010
Aurukun East Coast Alumina Refinery & Port Development Bowen - 25 km north-west Withdrawn 30 June 2010
Balaclava Island Coal Export Terminal Balaclava Island - 40 km north of Gladstone Cancelled 29 May 2013
Belvedere Coal Moura - 7 km north-east Repealed 30 October 2012
Central Queensland Integrated Rail The line was proposed to run from the Galilee Basin before linking with existing lines taking coal to the Port of Abbot Point near Bowen, or the Hay Point or Dalrymple Bay ports near Mackay Lapsed 22 September 2014
CopperString (previous) Woodstock to Cloncurry Repealed 25 September 2012
Darwin to Moomba Gas Pipeline (gazetted as Epic Energy (Victoria) Investments Darwin to Moomba Gas Pipeline) North Western Queensland Repealed 20 February 2013
Dudgeon Point Coal Terminals Project Port of Hay Point, 25 km south of Mackay Cancelled 20 June 2014
Eastern Pipeline Interconnector - North Stradbroke Island Borefield and Pipeline Component North Stradbroke Island Repealed 23 November 2012
Etheridge Integrated Agricultural Project 78 km west of Georgetown, Gulf Savannah Queensland Lapsed 5 September 2016
Fertilizer Plant Pickanjinnie Roma - 34 km east Repealed 25 September 2012
Fitzroy Terminal 50 km south-east of Rockhampton Lapsed 5 May 2014
Galilee Basin Power Station 30 km north-west of Alpha Lapsed 13 April 2015
Galilee Coal (Shoalwater Bay) Alpha - 35 km north-west Cancelled 26 November 2013
Gladstone Steel Making Facility Gladstone State Development Area, Gladstone Cancelled 21 November 2018
Gold Coast International Marine Precinct* Coomera Lapsed 29 March 2011
Gold Coast Marine Development (Notional Seaway Project) Gold Coast Cancelled 27 October 2015
Goonyella Riverside Mine Expansion (part of the gazetted Bowen Basin Coal Growth Project) 30 km north of Moranbah Lapsed 30 November 2012
Goonyella to Abbot Point Rail Project Goonyella Riverside Mine, approximately 24 kilometres north-west of Moranbah, to the Port of Abbot Point, near Bowen Cancelled 7 November 2013
Hook Island Wilderness Resort Redevelopment Whitsundays - 20 km north-east of Shute Harbour Repealed 13 December 2012
Hummock Hill Island Residential, Tourism, Space Launch 60km south of Gladstone Cancelled 3 April 13
I-METT (Integrated Motorsport Education Tourism and Technology) Gilberton, Gold Coast Lapsed 17 December 2010
IsaLink High Voltage Direct Current Electricity Transmission Rockhampton to Mt Isa Repealed 25 September 2012
KUR-World Integrated Eco-Resort Approximately 20 km north-west of Cairns and 4 km west of Kuranda Lapsed 6 December 2019
Linc Energy Underground Coal Gasification Chinchilla - 20 km south-west Lapsed 30 June 2012
Mary River Weir West of Noosa Repealed 11 December 2012
Melbourne - Brisbane - Gladstone Inland Rail Link Goondiwindi (Carrington-Gladstone) Repealed 26 October 2012
Moranbah Airport (part of the gazetted Bowen Basin Coal Growth Project) Moranbah region Lapsed 30 November 2012
Moranbah & Nebo Power Station Moranbah - 4.5 km north-west Repealed 26 October 2012
North Surat - Collingwood Coal Project 12 km north-east of Wandoan Cancelled 11 June 2015
North Surat - Taroom Coal 3 km south-east of Taroom Cancelled 11 June 2015
NT Link Project Queensland border, south of Camooweal (north-west of Barkly) to Mica Creek 6 km south-west of Mount Isa Cancelled 13 June 2016
Papua New Guinea to Queensland Gas Pipeline - Ballera Lateral Townsville South to Ballera Lapsed 01 April 2008
Papua New Guinea to Queensland Gas Pipeline - Gove Lateral Gove (NT) to Weipa Lapsed 26 June 2008
Pinkenba Ethanol Bio-Refinery Brisbane CBD - 10 km north-east Repealed 26 September 2012
Pisolite Hills 50 km north-east of Weipa Lapsed 23 December 2014
Selwyn Mines Expansion Project 100 kilometres south of Conclurry Cancelled 6 April 2016
Shute Harbour Marina Development Shute Harbour Cancelled 21 March 2013
South Burnett Coal Project 6 km south of Kingaroy (Mine)

Kingaroy to Theebine (Transport Corridor)
Lapsed 19 June 2018
Stuart Oil Shale – Stage 2 Fisherman's Landing, Port of Gladstone Cancelled 27 March 2013
Tarong Energy Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (Wivenhoe) Wivenhoe Cancelled 26 March 2013
Three Rivers Irrigation Project Normanton - 90 km south Lapsed 7 January 2019
Townsville Power Station Townsville Repealed 13 December 2012
Townsville South Power Station Townsville Repealed 23 November 2012
Traveston Crossing Dam Project – Stage 1 Gympie - 27 km south Cancelled 11 July 2013
Tropical Paradise Resort Cairns - 18 km south Lapsed 23 May 2012
Underground Bus and Train Project Brisbane (Dutton Park to Spring Hill, via Brisbane CBD) On hold NA
United Launch Systems International UNITY Project Gladstone, 60km south Cancelled 25 March 2013
Wandoan Project Darling Downs and West Moreton Cancelled 27 March 2013
Water for Bowen Water Transport System Burdekin River to Bowen Repealed 21 November 2012
Wongai Project 150 km north-west of Cooktown Lapsed 27 July 2015
Yarwun Coal Terminal 11 km north-west of Gladstone Lapsed 24 July 2014
ZeroGen Central Queensland Repealed 3 June 2011
ZeroGen Clean Coal Power Demonstration Project Central Queensland Lapsed 22 December 2008

* The Gold Coast International Marine Precinct was redeclared a 'significant project' on 7 July 2011.


Status descriptions

Cancelled – See section 27AF of the State Development and Public Works Organisation Act 1971.

Lapsed - The 'coordinated project' declaration lapsed, as the project's EIS was not submitted within two years of the terms of reference being released or a later date approved by the Coordinator-General. (For projects declared after 21 December 2012, the standard lapse timeframe is 18 months.)

Lapsed* - The Coordinator-General's report on the EIS lapsed, as construction of the project had not substantially started within four years of the report being published. (For projects declared after 21 December 2012, the standard lapse timeframe is three years.)

Repealed - The 'coordinated project' declaration was repealed by the Coordinator-General under one of two scenarios:

  • following the project proponent's request that the project be withdrawn from the EIS process
  • on the initiative of the Coordinator-General, following the project proponent's failure to make adequate progress during the EIS process.

Withdrawn - The project proponent requested that the project be withdrawn from the EIS process.

Last updated: Tuesday, Dec 10, 2019