Royalties for the Regions funding acknowledgement guide

All local government recipients of Royalties for the Regions program funding are required to acknowledge the Queensland Government on all printed and electronic materials associated with program funded projects.

This acknowledgement consists of the Queensland Government crest and a short statement.

Download the funding acknowledgement guide (PDF icon 1.3 MB)

Funding acknowledgement statement

All materials prepared in association with the program funded project must include the following acknowledgment:

"Proudly funded by the Queensland Government."

If there is more than one funding contributor, the acknowledgment must include the Queensland Government first and then name each contributor in order of the value provided:

"Proudly funded by the Queensland Government, <other contributor name> and <other contributor name>."

If the Australian Government has provided funding then they must be acknowledged first, followed by the Queensland Government, and then name each contributor in order of the value provided:

"Jointly funded by the Australian Government and Queensland Government in association with <other contributor name> and <other contributor name>."

Queensland Government crest usage

The funding acknowledgment statement is to be accompanied by the Queensland Government crest. Please note the example below:

Proudly funded by the
Queensland Government
Queensland Government Coat of Arms

The crest is available in colour or mono and in various file formats to fit the intended purpose. Minimum size restrictions apply.

Using the Queensland Government crest

The crest should appear in the bottom right hand corner of all materials. If there is more than one funding contributor, place the logos in order of the value provided from left to right.

      Mono Mono reverse Maroon
Option 1: two line stacked logo (preferred)
Preferred logo for all printed and electronic communication.

Minimum size 20mm high
Queensland Government Coat of Arms - mono two-line stacked EPS 463 KB 435 KB 490 KB
JPG 783 KB   457 KB
PNG 17 KB 17 KB 157 KB
Option 2: one line stacked logo
This option is the preferred option when displayed alongside the Australian Government logo.
Minimum size 18mm high
Queensland Government Coat of Arms - mono one-line stacked EPS 451 KB 435 KB  
JPG 778 KB    
PNG 19 KB 19 KB  

Where funding should be acknowledged

Any project-related materials that refer to the Queensland Government and the program are to be approved in advance by the Department of State Development.

Project-related materials that must include funding acknowledgement statements include:

  • media releases and speeches associated with the funded activity
  • speeches for a launch or official event
  • invitations or registration brochures and conference programs
  • brochures and posters
  • project and event signage
  • TV, radio and newspaper advertisements
  • printed documents associated with the project
  • annual reports
  • newsletters
  • social media and multimedia material including websites, videos and CDs.

More information

To access the Queensland Government crest files, please visit the funding acknowledgement information page.

For more information or assistance, please contact the project team.

  • Phone: +61 7 3452 7377 or 13 QGOV (13 74 68)
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.