On 1 August 2017, the State Government ended the proposed ASF development on the Gold Coast Spit. The government also announced that it will move forward with a community-led master plan for the area. The decision does not rule out a future Integrated Resort Development on the Gold Coast.

It is expected the master plan will take 18 months to complete.

The Queensland Government has commissioned two, independent community consultation programs relating to activity on The Spit on the Gold Coast.

The Spit parkland

Consultation on The Spit parkland was about how best to improve and permanently protect public open space on The Spit.

More information about The Spit parkland:

Integrated Resort Development (ASF proposal)

This consultation program was about how an Integrated Resort Development (IRD) on The Spit could best benefit the Gold Coast and the broader community.

More information about the Integrated Resort Development (ASF proposal):

Gold Coast Broadwater, Spit and Surrounds - Market Research February 2016 - Overview


The KPMG work was commissioned to help design a community consultation methodology. It involved selected consultation with the community to understand views on what stakeholders considered might be an appropriate consultation process.

During the course of the KPMG commission, the 4-month Community Consultation, undertaken by the Donaldson Consulting Group began.