The CHaPs program is a dedicated multi-agency initiative focused on unlocking social infrastructure and integrated service delivery opportunities by:

  • facilitating sharing of data and information to inform cross-government place-based decision making
  • brokering cross-government, cross-sector and industry partnerships
  • researching, promoting and embedding evidence-based collaborative approaches.

CHaPs works with all levels of government, non-government organisations and the private sector in areas of population growth and/or changing community needs.

Program vision

Connected people, services and liveable communities across Queensland.

Vox pops

Watch our collection of vox pops with key stakeholders, as they discuss cross-sector partnerships.

Cath Bartolo

Vox pop 1

ChaPs stakeholders talk about their key learnings from the ChaPs breakfast forum “Transforming communities through cross-sector partnerships” held in Brisbane on 13 March 2018.

Brad Jackson

Vox pop 2

ChaPs stakeholders talk about the key benefits of cross-sector partnerships.

Luke Hannan

Vox pop 3

ChaPs stakeholders talk about what makes cross-sector partnerships successful.

Lisa Pollard

Vox pop 4

ChaPs stakeholders talk about what can be done to make cross-sector partnerships more effective.

Penny Goodall

Vox pop 5

ChaPs stakeholders talk about great examples of cross-sector partnerships.

Penny Creamer

Vox pop 6

ChaPs stakeholders talk about the role the program plays in supporting cross-sector partnerships.

Lee Callum

Vox pop 7

ChaPs Executive Director talks about the program’s role.

Lee Callum

Vox pop 8

ChaPs Executive Director talks about the benefits the program brings to communities.

Program benefits: Better intelligence; Better value; Better service - click to view full diagram

Community hubs explained

Many different types of community hubs, including schools and council-managed centres, provide a range of services and facilities to meet community needs.

Community hubs explained - animation

More information

Read more about the CHaPs program and community hubs:

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