Queensland's agricultural industries make a vital contribution to the lives of Queenslanders. The sector delivers almost $20 billion to the economy, supporting more than 300,000 jobs or more than one in eight working Queenslanders. The Queensland Government remains focused on driving agricultural and regional jobs growth.

The government has committed up to $10 million (ex. GST) to help fund establishment of a Regional Export Distribution Centre. The centre aims to boost rapid access to international markets for agricultural producers. Capitalising on Queensland's global reputation as a leader in the production and processing of quality agricultural products, this initiative seeks to catalyse the development of high-value farming and processing and grow regional job creation.

Once the business cases have been finalised, we will assess the proposals for viability and value for money. Subject to feasibility, the remainder of the $10 million will be offered as capital funding to construct the regional export distribution pilot centre.

Following a competitive selection process, Wagner Group Holdings Pty Ltd from Toowoomba and Air Freight Handling Services Pty Ltd from Cairns have been selected to receive funding for business case development.

Notification of the outcomes of the business case stage and support for construction of the Regional Export Distribution Pilot Centre is scheduled for late 2019.