Employee safety and wellbeing is always the highest priority for our department.

This page provides information for our staff during business disruptions such as extreme weather events, natural disasters or public health events.

Visit this page as your first point of contact for information on:

  • your safety, security and welfare
  • steps being taken to ensure business continuity and services for our departmental stakeholders.

Please note the web address of this page and record it for safekeeping: www.dsdmip.qld.gov.au/staff

Be prepared

To prepare for disaster events or business disruption, staff are urged to:

  • take your work device home (tablets, phones, etc.) during periods of uncertainty if possible
  • know how to stay informed about emergency situations in Queensland, including information from the agencies and organisations listed below
  • ensure your manager has your current contact number.

Managers should ensure phone trees are up to date.

You can also access work emails from home or mobile via Outlook online.


The Queensland Government has established a central COVID-19 website. Here you will find Queensland Government information and support on COVID-19.

Get ready - weather events

The Queensland Government’s Get Ready website has extensive resources available to help households and businesses prepare for cyclones, storms, floods, bushfires and other emergency weather events and natural disasters. This information includes safety tips and how to develop an emergency plan.

Useful sites

Stay connected with news and information on emergency situations in Queensland via: