Interactive mapping help - Using the Search form

The search form to the left of the map provides several options for locating an area of interest. Searching can be done by entering the partial or full address, Lot Plan details or a specific Suburb or Locality. You can also search visually by using the toolset provided above the map itself.

When you first enter the mapping facility, the form will default to the Search by Address mode. To access Search by Lot Plan or Search by Suburb/Locality, click on the Search By drop down list.

Option 1 - Search by Address

This option is more flexible than the other two options in that you can enter partial or complete information. This may result in one of several search types. For the best results, enter complete details of the address (including postcode).

Note: The street name should not include the type of street - e.g. for High Street, type "High" in the Street Name field, and select "Street" from the Street Type field.

If you omit the street number OR this number does not exist in the address database, the street name AND locality will be used to locate a general point on the map.

If you only a Postcode or locality only, a map view of the general area of either will be displayed.

In all instances, the service will attempt to get you to the nearest area based on available information. From here you can use the map tools to zoom and pan to the site of interest.

Option 2 - Search by Lot Plan

Lot plan information is typically stored and/or referred to in a variety of formats (as with dates) depending on whether, for example, the user is handling paper or electronic information.

For the purposes of this application, the complete "Lot on Plan" description is entered as a single string - for example "123SP4567".

Entering this information will generate a map of the parcel (if found).

Note: If you enter a specific property description and are informed that the Lot Plan description is not found, this can be due to one of several causes:

  • Description entered is incorrect (i.e. does not exist) - check source
  • Description too recent for the DCDB provided (i.e. new description)
  • Description entered has been retired (you can check this on DNRM's Computer Inventory of Survey Plans)

Option 3 - Search by Suburb/Locality

This option is for users who simply wish to see the general planning information for a locality. Simply enter the name of the locality or suburb in the Suburb/Locality field and click on "GO".

Note: Using this option will not automatically retrieve lot information. From the map page, use the zoom and pan tools to pick out specific properties and associated information.

Search Results

The search form will automatically display the appropriate map for viewing the results. The following tools are provided to assist users to locate and view specific areas of interest.

click here, then click on the map to zoom in The zoom-in tool allows you to enlarge the map for that point. This tool is selected by default.
click here, then click on the map to zoom out The zoom-out tool is the reverse of zoom-in, and allows the user to redraw the map for a larger region.
click here, then click on the map to recentre The re-centre tool redraws the map at the current scale, but centred on the location of the mouse click.
click here, then click on the map to select a property The select tool allows you to select a specific Lot Plan and view data about that property.
click here to reset the map The reset map tool will reset the map to the default zoom level and location.
click here to generate a PDF hardcopy The pdf hardcopy tool will generate a printable Acrobat PDF file of the selected map and zoom level.