The Aurukun Bauxite Project has the potential to deliver significant direct and indirect benefits to the Aurukun and Cape communities, as well as royalty contributions to the state over its mine life.

Following a Competitive Bid Process to select a Preferred Proponent to develop the Aurukun Bauxite Project, Glencore was selected and a development agreement signed, in January 2015. The Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning (DSDMIF) is responsible for managing the agreement with Glencore.

The benefits expected to come from this development include employment opportunities; training for local workers; improving local business capacity to tender for contracts and supplier opportunities; native title arrangements; and royalty payments under the Aboriginal Land Act 1991.

On 20 December 2017, Glencore was granted a Mineral Development Licence (MDL). The MDL allows Glencore to assess the development potential of the site, including conducting environmental and engineering design studies, to establish the feasibility of the project. For further information about the Aurukun Bauxite Project, please visit the Glencore Australia website.

The Director-General is a champion for the Aurukun community, working closely with council and traditional land owners to assist the community to engage effectively with government on opportunities and challenges facing the people of Aurukun.